We are a Czech company producing electric igniters for fireworks.

We specialize in the delivery of custom solutions; supplying igniters taylored to our customers requirements, for prices normally associated with mass produced devices. This unique service means that our igniters are in demand throughout Europe.

Igniters made by company META-PYRO, s.r.o. are certified according GUIDELINE OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL 2007/23/EU and are labeled with CE2231 mark, which certifies their compliance with mentioned guideline 2007/23/EU, and the igniters may freely circulate within the EU.

                  Igniter is classified in accord with relevant regulation of guideline  2007/23/EU into category P1 "Other pyrotechnic products".

This category constitutes minor danger.


META-PYRO, s. r. o.
Registered office:
Jemelkova 149/58
625 00 Brno
Czech republic
Kaštanova 34
620 00 Brno
Czech republic
Fax: +420 226 015 674