We are a Czech company producing electric igniters for fireworks.

META-PYRO, s.r.o. is a dynamic firm occupying a strong and stable position in the European market for electric detonators for discharging fireworks.
Thanks to the constant properties of our chemical compounds, the high quality of the machine and manual production, our detonators are exported to 15 European countries

Most detonators are sold to Germany, France, United Kingdom, Austria and Italy.

The firm specialises in the custom production and assembly of electric detonators; small- and medium-scale production series are typical while retaining favourable prices.
Thanks to single-purpose and adjustable machines, we can respond flexibly to meet all customer requirements flexibly, whatever region they come from.

Czech detonators by META-PYRO, s.r.o. are highly sought after right across Europe among professional fireworks operators and these companies have rightly verified through practical use the high reliability and time stability of our detonators
They have also been the first to realise that purchasing detonators directly from the producer is economically exceptionally advantageous.


Igniters made META-PYRO, s.r.o. are certified according to the Directive 2013/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council and are labelled with the CE2231 mark, which certifies their compliance with the aforementioned directive and the igniters may be freely circulated within the EU.

The igniter is classified in accordance with relevant regulation of Directive 2013/29/EU in the category P1, "Other pyrotechnic articles".

This category presents a low hazard.