Technical specifications

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Business Name fusehead type selection fusehead resistance no-fire current during 5 min. firing current during 4 ms temperature range
EMP-U-EPX2-SO SO No. 2 0,48 Ω - 0,6 Ω  0,45 A 2,12 A -20°C to +40°C
EMP-A-EPX2-NO NO No. 22 1,5 Ω - 1,9 Ω 0,18 A 1,0 A -20°C to +40°C

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wire type

wire material

core diameter

diameter including insulation

maximum resistance of 1 m wire

one solid wire


0,50 mm

1,3 mm

0,092 Ω

double core wire


0,50 mm

1,33 mm x 2,9 mm

0,092 Ω

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