Custom Design

Hlavní stránka / Custom Design

We’ll make any igniter you wish.

Our standard igniters are shown in Igniters Catalogue. Here you can find a detailed picture and description. In your communication with us or when ordering igniters please use the numbers mentioned in the corresponding picture in the Igniters Catalogue .

If you want tochoose your own igniter design, to get a good idea of the options available we recommend that you fill in (without any obligation) our Get Quote form -  where you can choose:

  • Electric resistance of the igniter
  • Fusehead type
  • Fusehead protective cap
  • Wire material
  • Leading wire in either theCLASSIC or DUPLEX design (double core wire)
  • Wire length and colour
  • Wire end finish

If you fill in (without any obligation) our -  Get Quote form, we will send you our quotation as soon as possible.

Additional informations:

  • Usual TOD is three weeks from placing an order
  • Minimum ordering quantity for one type is 500 pcs; minimum total ordering quantity is 1000 pcs.
  • We arrange for the delivery of goods.